Insect hotel #trees



Trees, nature, October 2017


Finished stacking old rotting logs near the new trees and already seen a wren and wood mouse investigating. (more…)

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East ride #trees



Ride, east, October 2015


Looking south. (more…)

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Managing the rides #nature



Woodland management, rides, October 2017


The annual flailing. (more…)

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A last glimpse of summer … #nature


Nature, north ride, August 2017


The north ride, looking east. (more…)

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Good and bad in the wood’s 2016 species list #nature



Fungi, Hyalorbilia Lunata, October 2016

Hyalorbilia Lunata. Copyright: Surrey Fungus Group.


More than 30 new species were recorded in the wood in 2016, most of them fungi but the largest a tree! (more…)

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‘There is an evening coming in across the fields …’ #nature



Nature, trees, August 2017


Goingby Philip Larkin and the view leaving the copse. (more…)

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‘The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose’ #nature



Nature, track, August 2017


From ‘Song of the Open Roadby Walt Whitman. (more…)

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‘A green-grown pond she just has pass’d …’ #nature



Nature, pond, July 2017


From ‘The Idiot Boy’ by Wordsworth. (more…)

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North ride #nature



Nature, north ride, July 2017


Looking east. (more…)

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The shrinking pond #nature



Pond, nature, May 2017


The lack of rain is already causing the pond to contract. (more…)

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The east ride



Nature, east ride, April 2017


Looking north and beginning to look very green. (more…)

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The pond #nature



Pond, nature, April 2017


Thinning the northern edge has allowed Bluebells and other wildflowers to emerge. (more…)

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