Herb Bennet aka Wood Avens #wildflowers



Flowers, Herb Bennet, June 2017


Geum urbanum. (more…)

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Greater Butterfly Orchid #wildflowers



Flowers, Greater Butterfly Orchid, June 2017


Platanthera chlorantha – a single plant seen on a different ride to previous years. (more…)

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Common Nettle #plants



Plants, Common Nettle, June 2017


Urtica dioica. (more…)

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Who’s the Daddy? #plants



Plants, Greater Burdock, June 2017


The main leaf on this Greater Burdock was approx 68cm long and 43cm wide. (more…)

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Ragged Robin #wildflowers



Flowers, Ragged Robin, June 2017


A first June – and Summer – visit and the first Lychnis flos-cuculi are appearing on the rides. (more…)

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Common Spotted Orchid #wildflowers



Flowers, Common Spotted Orchid, May 2017


Dactylorhiza fuchsii. (more…)

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How to preserve your youth #plants



Plants, Lemon Balm, May 2017


A daily draft of essence of Lemon Balm is the answer, says Baker. (more…)

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Bush Vetch #wildflowers



Flowers, Bush Vetch, provisional identification, May 2017


Vicia sepium, provisional identification. (more…)

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Wedding Cakes and Daddy’s-shirt-buttons #wildflowers



Flowers, Greater Stitchwort, May 2017


Just two of the names for Greater Stitchwort, Stellaria holostea. (more…)

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From the Anglo-Saxon for ‘rank’ #wildflowers



Flowers, Ramsons, May 2017


The common name for Ramsons comes from the word ‘hramsa,‘ says Stevens. (more…)

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Female Orange Tip #butterflies



Butterflies, Orange Tip, May 2017


Anthocharis cardamines feeding, possibly on Bush Vetch, Vicia sepium. (more…)

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Wood Forget-me-not #wildflowers



Flowers, Wood Forget-me-not, May 2017


Myosotis sylvatica. (more…)

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