Space oddity #wildflowers



Flowers, Devils-bit Scabious, September 2017


There’s something unworldly about Devils-bit scabious, Succisa pratensis. (more…)

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Bane of fleas #plants



Flowers, Common Fleabane, August 2017


Fleabane’s name derives from its smoke, if burned, driving away fleas and other insects, says Botanical. (more…)

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Devil’s-bit Scabious #wildflowers



Flowers, Devil's-bit scabious, August 2017


Succisa pratensis. (more…)

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Feast of fruit #nature



Flowers, Bramble, August 2017


Bramble, Rubus fruticosus. (more…)

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‘The flower that smiles to-day tomorrow dies …’ #wildflowers



Flowers, Thistle, August 2017


From ‘Mutability’ – often known as ‘The flower that smiles to-day’ – by Percy Bysshe Shelley. (more…)

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Dedicated to St James #wildflowers



Flowers, Common Ragwort, August 2017


Common Ragwort is said to flower on July 25, St James’s Day, says Stevens. (more…)

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Common Knapweed #wildflowers



Flowers, unidentified, August 2017


With thanks to Kingfisher on Twitter who identified Centaurea nigra. (more…)

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Water Mint #wildflowers



Flowers, Water Mint, August 2017


Mentha aquatica. (more…)

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Elizabethan ruff stiffener #wildflowers



Flowers, Lords and Ladies, August 2017


The starch element of Lords and Ladies, Arum maculatum, was used. (more…)

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‘Joe Pye weed’ #wildflowers



Flowers, Hemp Agrimony, August 2017


A US name for Hemp Agrimony, named after a Native American medicine man who used it to treat typhus. (more…)

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Gone pickin’ #plants

Plants, Bramble, August 2017

First August visit and very grateful for first Blackberry crop of the year. (more…)

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‘How soft thy voice when woods are still …’ #wildflowers



Flowers, Bramble, July 2017


From ‘To The Bramble Flower’ by Ebenezer Elliott. (more…)

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