Possibly an Inkcap (1) #fungi



Fungi, Glistening Inkcap pi, March 2017


Perhaps Coprinellus micaceus or Coprinopsis lagopus. Provisional identification. (more…)

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Glistening Inkcap



Fungi, Glistening Inkcap, provisional identification, April 2015


Coprinus micaceus. Provisional identification. (more…)

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Feast of fungi 1



Fungi, unidentified, October 2013


Still lots of fungi at the wood, most of it unidentified. (more…)

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Can you name the fungi? Gallery 1 of 5



Fungi, Glistening Inkcap, October 2013


Glistening Inkcap, Coprinellus micaceus. (more…)

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