A photo blog recording an English wood

'Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own …' Charles Dickens

‘The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose’ #nature



Nature, track, August 2017


From ‘Song of the Open Roadby Walt Whitman. (more…)

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Bane of fleas #plants



Flowers, Common Fleabane, August 2017


Fleabane’s name derives from its smoke, if burned, driving away fleas and other insects, says Botanical. (more…)

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The largest Ash in the wood #trees



Trees, Ash, August 2017


Fraxinus excelsior. (more…)

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Common Funnel #fungi



Fungi, Common Funnel, August 2017


Clitocybe gibba, provisional identification. (more…)

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Devil’s-bit Scabious #wildflowers



Flowers, Devil's-bit scabious, August 2017


Succisa pratensis. (more…)

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Sulphur Tuft #fungi



Fungi, Sulphur Tuft, August 2017


While most varieties of butterfly seem to have disappeared earlier, large numbers and species of fungi are appearing sooner in the year than I have seen before. (more…)

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Feast of fruit #nature



Flowers, Bramble, August 2017


Bramble, Rubus fruticosus. (more…)

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The butterflies have flown #butterflies



Butterflies, Speckled Wood, August 2017


Apart from some Speckled Wood’s and an occasional white, the butterflies have disappeared much earlier than in previous years. (more…)

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‘I love to see the summer beaming forth’ #nature



Trees, nature, August 2017


From ‘Sonnet’ by John Clare. (more…)

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Owl #birds



Birds, Owl, August 2017


We’ve regularly heard Owls in the wood. This one was near the pond, species unknown. (more…)

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Muntjac by night #deer



Deer, Muntjac, August 2017


Muntiacus reevesi. (more…)

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Mycena #fungi



Fungi, unidentified, August 2017


Unidentified fungi, possibly of the Mycena sp. (more…)

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