Searching this site



Please note that searched for items appear at the bottom of the page you have searched from.


You can search the site using “Categories” or the search box.


A drop down box with all the current listed categories can be found on the right hand side of each page.

Clicking on any of the category titles will produce all posts containing that word.

On the occasions when we think we know what the photo shows, the flora or fauna has been categorised under its specific name, for example “common toad” or “primrose”.

Hopefully the  category titles are self-explanatory.  But please note that

  • the “general” category is applied to all those pictures where nothing specific is captured, the photo simply shows an aspect of the wood at a moment in time.
  • seasons are defined as Winter, Dec-Feb; Spring, Mar-May; Summer, June-Aug; Autumn, Sept-Nov.

Search box

A “search this site” box is found on the top right hand corner of each page.

Entering a combination of categories into the box allows for more specific searching. For example, while entering “primrose” into the search box will bring up all the pictures of primroses on the site, entering “primrose, 2010, March” will show posts from just that year and month.

Similarly, for unidentified species, typing  “fungi, unidentified” into the search box will bring up all posts which fit those categories.  Unidentified fungi from October 2011 can be searched for by entering “fungi, unidentified, October, 2011” and so on.