About the wood





Our wood is part of a copse which lies within the Low Weald, described by Natural England as … “a broad low-lying clay vale which runs around three sides of the High Weald through Kent, Sussex and Surrey …”

The copse is an area of ancient woodland and the majority of that woodland is identified as a Site of Nature Conservation Interest.

Despite its relatively small size, around five acres, our wood contains a variety of habitats, including glades, rides, ditches and a pond – possibly the result of a past attempt at some form of extraction industry.

After discussion with the Forestry Commission, our plan is to remove the majority of conifers and allow the natural regeneration of a broadleaved wood.

Thanks to Andy, Gordon and Mike for their labour, Jonnie for mapping the wood and Roger and Roger, true woodsmen, for their help and expertise.

Paul and Claire became stewards of the wood in 2009. Claire died in December, 2014. The native broadleaf trees she planted will be part of her legacy.

If you would like to contact Paul, please use the form found at the bottom of any of the posts.