Owl’s return #birds



Birds, Owl, unidentified, October 2017


Perhaps the back of the same unidentified owl near the pond. (more…)

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Down the tubes #spiders



Spider, unidentified, September 2017


Tree guards form a home for more than trees. (more…)

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Owl #birds



Birds, Owl, August 2017


We’ve regularly heard Owls in the wood. This one was near the pond, species unknown. (more…)

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Russula #fungi



Fungi, Russula, provisional identification, July 2017


Looks like Russula sp., possibly a Brittlegill. (more…)

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Wasp or hoverfly? #insects



Insect, unidentified, July 2017


Possibly a wasp of the Crabronidae family but didn’t stop long enough to have a proper look. (more…)

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Type of Brindle? #moths



Moth, unidentified, July 2017


Help appreciated – possibly a moth, possibly a type of Brindle but not at all sure. (more…)

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Silk tent #spiders



Spider, unidentified, July 2017


Possibly the web of a nursery web spider. (more…)

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Snail: woodpile life (4/5) #nature



Fauna, Snail, unidentified, May 2017


Possibly White-lipped Snail, Cepaea hortensis, or Brown-lipped Snail, Cepaea nemoralis. (more…)

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‘You better not fool with a Bumblebee!’ #bees #bumblebees



Bumblebee, unidentified, March 2017


From The Bumblebee by James Whitcomb Riley. (more…)

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Possibly an Inkcap (2) #fungi



Fungi, unidentified, March 2017


Could be Coprinopsis lagopus, Hare’s Foot Inkcap. (more…)

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Possibly a Stereum #fungi



Fungi, unidentified, February 20178


Could be Yellowing Curtain Crust, Stereum subtomentosum. (more…)

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Stretch spider #spiders



Spider, unidentified, February 2017


Possibly of the sp.Tetragnatha, which… adopt the habit of stretching their legs out in front and behind to produce a stick like effect … (more…)

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