‘Then come away, come to the peaceful wood …’ #nature



Trees, nature, July 2017


In the deep wood south of the south ride – and a line from James Weldon Johnson. (more…)

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For ‘crab’ read ‘scrobb’ #trees



Trees, Crab Apple, July 2017


The ‘crab’ in Crab Apple derives from ‘scrobb,’ the Anglo-Saxon for ‘shrub’, says Stevens. (more…)

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Under attack #trees



Trees. Dogberry, May 2017


The Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus, was being seriously defoliated by lavae which I assume are Vibernum Beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni, or similar. (more…)

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‘… the blessed and the blessing trees.’ #nature



Trees, Field Maple, May 2017


A line from ‘Spirit of Trees‘ by Wendell Berry. (more…)

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Crab Apple #trees



Trees, Crab Apple, May 2017


Malus sylvestris. (more…)

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Norway Spruce #trees



Trees, Norway Spruce, May 2017


Picea abies. (more…)

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Spindle #trees



Trees, Spindle, May 2017


Euonymus europaea. (more…)

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Water Elder, Cramp Bark or Snowball Tree #trees



Trees, Dogberry, May 2017


Also known as Guelder rose or Dogberry. (more…)

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Ash Wednesday #trees



Trees, Ash, May 2017


Ok, not the day itself but a chance to see Fraxinus excelsior in the sun. (more…)

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Wild Cherry #trees



Trees, Wild Cherry, April 2017


Prunus avium – one of several planted in the glade in 2014. (more…)

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‘The tree most frequently mentioned in Anglo-Saxon boundary charters’ #trees



Trees, Hawthorn, April 2017


One of the many uses of Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna. (more…)

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Blossom time #trees



Trees. Crab Apple, April 2017


For CP. (more…)

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