St John’s Wort #wildflowers



Flowers, St John's Wort, July 2017


Hypericum perforatum. (more…)

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‘Then come away, come to the peaceful wood …’ #nature



Trees, nature, July 2017


In the deep wood south of the south ride – and a line from James Weldon Johnson. (more…)

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For ‘crab’ read ‘scrobb’ #trees



Trees, Crab Apple, July 2017


The ‘crab’ in Crab Apple derives from ‘scrobb,’ the Anglo-Saxon for ‘shrub’, says Stevens. (more…)

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Adam and Eve, Devils and Angels #wildflowers



Flowers, Lords and Ladies, July 2017


Also known as Lords and Ladies, among a cluster of common names. (more…)

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Ground Elder #plants



Flowers, Ground Elder, July 2017


Aegopodium podagraria. (more…)

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Tufted Vetch #wildflowers



Flowers, Vetch, July 2017


Many thanks to Neil who identified this vetch as Vicia cracca. Haven’t seen it before and another new species recorded for the wood! (more…)

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Anti-inflammatory #wildflowers


Flowers, Selfheal, July 2017

Birthday blue is the colour …

Selfheal, Prunella vulgaris, is a common herb with a long history of medicinal use, says Kewscience. (more…)

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Effective against ghosts and evil spirits #wildflowers



Flowers, St John's Wort, July 2017


St John’s Wort, also known as ‘scaredevil”, says Baker. (more…)

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Bittersweet or Woody Nightshade #wildflowers



Flowers, Bittersweet, July 2017


Solanum dulcamara. (more…)

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Centaury #wildflowers



Flowers, Centaury, July 2017


Centaurium erythraea. (more…)

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Hint of yellow #wildflowers



Flowers, Water Mint, June 2017


Buttercup among the Water Mint, Mentha aquatica. (more…)

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Meadow Vetchling #wildflowers



Flowers, Meadow Vetchling, June 2017


Lathyrus pratensis. (more…)

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