Frog: Woodpile life (1/5) #wildlife



Fauna, Frog, May 2017


Rana temporaria was among the creatures disturbed when we shifted a woodpile by hand. (more…)

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Frog #amphibians



Amphibian, Frog, March 2017


Rana temporaria. (more…)

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Frog legs it #wildlife



Frog, amphibian, November 2016


This small Rana temporaria leapt into cover. (more…)

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Stalked #frogs #insects



Amphibian, Frog, July 2016


A tiny frog, Rana temporaria, which could have fitted on a 50p coin, apparently eyeing a fly, possibly Phaonia pallida. (more…)

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‘But best of all was the warm thick slobber of frogspawn that grew like clotted water’ #wildlife



Fauna, frogs, April 2016


From Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney (more…)

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Better late than never



Amphibian, Insect, Spawn, Pond Skater


Around a month later than last year, the reappearance of clumps of frog spawn in an overflow pool by the pond. (more…)

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‘Be kind and tender to the Frog’



Amphibian, Frog, September 2014


From The Frog by Hilaire Belloc. (more…)

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Common in name only?



Amphibian, frog, May 2014


A small but perfectly formed Common Frog. (more…)

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