Deck the halls #plants



Trees, Holly, December 2016


Holly – the pre-Victorian version of a Christmas tree. (more…)

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Holly #plants



Trees, Holly, December 2016


Ilex aquifolium berry in sunshine. (more…)

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‘What then so cheerful as the Holly-tree?’ #plants



Trees, Holly, November 2016


Ilex aquifolium and a line from The Holly-Tree by Robert Southey. (more…)

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Happy Christmas from the Holly bird … #plants


Trees, Holly, December 2015


Ilex aquifolium. (more…)

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Wishing you the Christmas you would wish for



Trees, Holly, December 2014


A young Holly, Ilex aquifolium, reaches for the sky in the clearing. (more…)

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A plant of lightning and eternal life



Trees, Holly, October 2014


See Baker on Holly, Ilex aquifolium. (more…)

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Arachnids, Harvestmen, September 2014


A Harvestman, sp.Opiliones, possibly Leiobunum rotundum. (more…)

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‘Holly berries shining bright red means the winter will be cold’



Trees, Holly, December 2013


The fruit of Ilex aquifolium has long been used to predict the weather. (more…)

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The tree born to rule



Trees, holly, November 2013


In Celtic mythology the Holly King reigned over the half of the year from the summer to the winter solstice. (more…)

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Supreme witch-deterrent



Trees, Holly, November 2013


Scarlet, the colour of the berries of the Holly, Illex aquifolium (more…)

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‘Protection from malevolent faeries’



Trees, Holly, September 2013


Bad news for bad faeries – the Holly, Ilex (and web). (more…)

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BST begins, holly



Tree, holly, March 2013


Sun on holly. (more…)

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