Something I said? #birds



Birds, Wood Pigeons, January 2017


Pair of Wood Pigeon, Columba palumbus. (more…)

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Festive lunch #nature



Nature, general, December 2016


Possibly the remains of a wood pigeon bordering the clearing. (more…)

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Woodpigeons #wildlife



Birds, Wood Pigeon, September 2016


A pair of Columba palumbus – they seem to consider this area by the pond ‘home’. (more…)

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The UK’s commonest pigeon #birds



Fauna, Wood Pigeon, April 2016


And also, says the RSPB, the largest – Woodpigeon, Columba palumbus. (more…)

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‘And the warbling starch collared wood-pigeon… settles’ #birds

Bird, Wood Pigeon, September 2015


From Just Sunday Morn by Karen Deeks. (more…)

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Columba palumbus


Fauna, Wood pigeon, March 2015


Wood pigeon. (more…)

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The UK’s largest pigeon



Bird, Wood Pigeon, September 2014


Beginning a working week of remote camera photos, an example of Columba palumbus. (more…)

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January 2013, meal time



Bird, unidentified, January 2013


What appears to be the remains of a pigeon. (more…)

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