Common Nettle #plants



Plants, Common Nettle, June 2017


Urtica dioica. (more…)

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Who’s the Daddy? #plants



Plants, Greater Burdock, June 2017


The main leaf on this Greater Burdock was approx 68cm long and 43cm wide. (more…)

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Tree Bumblebee #bees



Bees, Tree Bumblebee, provisional identification, June 2017


Bombus hypnorum. Provisional identification. (more…)

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Ragged Robin #wildflowers



Flowers, Ragged Robin, June 2017


A first June – and Summer – visit and the first Lychnis flos-cuculi are appearing on the rides. (more…)

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Roe Deer #wildlife



Fauna, Roe Deer, June 2017


Capreolus capreolus. (more…)

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Cornered #wildlife



Fauna, Rabbit, June 2016


Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus. (more…)

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‘The wild deer wandering here and there … #wildlife



Fauna, Roe Deer, June 2016


‘Keeps the human soul from care ‘– from William Blake’s, Auguries Of Innocence. (more…)

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Eye to eye #birds



Birds, Heron, June 2016


A Heron, Ardea cinerea, gets up close to the remote camera. (more…)

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‘The numberless, the lonely,’ #plants


Plants, Common Nettle, June 2016


From A E Housman’s ‘The Stinging Nettle. (more…)

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Visitor #plants #insects



Plant, Insect, Flower Fly, Grass, June 2016


Possibly a type of flower or hover fly on a species of meadow or oat grass. (more…)

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‘Here is the fern’s frond, unfurling a gesture’ #plants



Plants, Fern and Creeping Buttercup, June 2016


Lady Fern, Athyrium filix-femina, provisional identification, with the ‘gesture’ Creeping Buttercup, Ranunculus repens. (more…)

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Tortoise bug #insects



Insect, Shield Bug, provisional identification, June 2016


A type of Shieldbug, also known as a Stink Bug. (more…)

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