Roe Deer #wildlife

Deer, Roe Deer, January 2018


Capreolus capreolus. (more…)

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Tawny Owl #birds



Birds, Tawny Owl, January 2018


Strix aluco, provisional identification. (more…)

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Buzzard #birds

Birds, Buzzard, December 2017


Disturbed a Buzzard, sitting on a low branch, as I came into the copse. (more…)

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What a hoot! #birds



Birds, Tawny Owl, provisional identification, November 2017


At last a reasonable photo, possibly a Tawny Owl, Strix aluco. (more…)

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Grey Squirrel #wildlife



Mammals, Grey Squirrel, November 2017


Sciurus carolinensis. (more…)

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Owl’s return #birds



Birds, Owl, unidentified, October 2017


Perhaps the back of the same unidentified owl near the pond. (more…)

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Hornets and hibernation #insects



Insects, Hornet, October 2017


With the wood ‘closing down’ for winter, this site will be semi-hibernating. We’ll be publishing every Monday and Friday, rather than daily, until the Spring. (more…)

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Young fox #wildlife



Fauna, Fox, October 2017


Vulpes vulpes. (more…)

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Down the tubes #spiders



Spider, unidentified, September 2017


Tree guards form a home for more than trees. (more…)

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Last of the butterflies #insects



Butterflies, Speckled Wood, September 2017


One of a group of three Speckled Wood seen chasing each other in the September sun. (more…)

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Birds of a feather #birds



Birds, Great Tit, September 2017


A flock of Great Tits made its way through the clearing. (more…)

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Brown-lipped Snail #snails



Snail, Brown-lipped Snail, August 2017


Cepaea nemoralis, provisional identification. (more…)

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