Common Inkcap #fungi



Fungi, Common Inkcap, provisional identification, May 2017


Coprinopsis atramentaria, provisional identification. (more…)

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Toad: Woodpile life 5/5 #nature



Fauna, Toad, May 2017


Bufo bufo. (more…)

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‘Embrace with joy the changing seasons’ #nature



Trees, Pendulous Sedge, May 2017


From ‘Advice from a Tree’ by Ilan Shamir. (more…)

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Snail: woodpile life (4/5) #nature



Fauna, Snail, unidentified, May 2017


Possibly White-lipped Snail, Cepaea hortensis, or Brown-lipped Snail, Cepaea nemoralis. (more…)

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Common Spotted Orchid #wildflowers



Flowers, Common Spotted Orchid, May 2017


Dactylorhiza fuchsii. (more…)

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Fungus: woodpile life (3/5) #nature



Fungus, unidentified, May 2017


Stereum rameale. Provisional identification. (more…)

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Under attack #trees



Trees. Dogberry, May 2017


The Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus, was being seriously defoliated by lavae which I assume are Vibernum Beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni, or similar. (more…)

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‘… the blessed and the blessing trees.’ #nature



Trees, Field Maple, May 2017


A line from ‘Spirit of Trees‘ by Wendell Berry. (more…)

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Mouse: Woodpile life (2/5) #wildlife



Fauna, Wood Mouse, provisional identification, May 2017


What might be a young Wood Mouse looked out and then retreated into its intricate moss nest after we moved logs. (more…)

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Wolf’s Milk #slime mould



Slime Mould, Wolf's Milk, May 2017


Lycogala terrestre. (more…)

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Crab Apple #trees



Trees, Crab Apple, May 2017


Malus sylvestris. (more…)

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Frog: Woodpile life (1/5) #wildlife



Fauna, Frog, May 2017


Rana temporaria was among the creatures disturbed when we shifted a woodpile by hand. (more…)

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