A photo blog recording an English wood

'Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own …' Charles Dickens

Signs of Spring #nature



Plants, Dog's Mercury, February 2017


Dog’s Mercury, Mercurialis perennis, is among the plants pushing through. (more…)

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Pheasant #wildlife



Bird, Pheasant, February 2017


Male Phasianus colchicus. (more…)

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‘The squirrels in their silver fur’ #wildlife



Fauna, Grey Squirrel, February 2017


A line from Wild Peaches by Elinor Wylie. (more…)

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East ride #nature



Nature, east ride, February 2017


Looking south. (more…)

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Parmotrema perlatum #lichen



Lichen, Parmotrema perlatum, provisional identification, February 2017


Every year the lichen provides Winter colour. (more…)

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Field Maple #trees



Trees, Field Maple, February 2017


Acer campestre. (more…)

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Possibly a Stereum #fungi



Fungi, unidentified, February 20178


Could be Yellowing Curtain Crust, Stereum subtomentosum. (more…)

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‘ … the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold’ #plants



Trees, general, February 2017


A line from ‘Winter Trees‘ by William Carlos Williams. (more…)

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Valentine’s bouquet #lichen



Lichen, Physcia aipolia, provisional identification, February 2017


A lot of colour on a small twig with what looks like the green and black lichen Physcia aipolia running across. (more…)

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Stretch spider #spiders



Spider, unidentified, February 2017


Possibly of the sp.Tetragnatha, which… adopt the habit of stretching their legs out in front and behind to produce a stick like effect … (more…)

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Feather-moss #moss



Moss, Common feather-moss, provisional identification, February 2017


Possibly Kindbergia praelonga. Provisional identification. (more…)

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Blushing Bracket #fungi



Fungi, Blushing Bracket, February 2017


Daedaleopsis confragosa likes willows and is seen here on Crack Willow, Salix fragilis, fringing the pond. (more…)

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